A Cold Evening at my house……

Well, its a cold cold tuesday evening here at my house.  It’s been in the mid 40’s all day long and that is just too cold for me but give me a few months and i will eat my words haha!!!  Anyway, my husband come home from work earlier in a really foul mood and he almost got smacked tonight because i just don’t put up with that crap and he knows that.  It’s like once a month he gets male pms and i have to put him back in his place but it’s all good now.  I can’t believe christmas is only 2 weeks away this year has just flown by and i am still not ready but never fear it will all get done.  Tomorrow is my youngest son’s birthday he will be 7.  Its hard to believe 7yrs ago tomorrow he came into the world and he is so sweet and cute and just grows more and more everyday.  I am so blessed to have 4 such beautiful babies.  Gotta get started with the christmas baking and decorating this week.  I keep putting it off due to unfortunate circumstances but i will get it done.  i am in the christmas spirit i just love this time of the year.  


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