Christmas Parade

Well, when we last met i mentioned that today i was taking my 4 kids to the christmas parade and was kind of dreading it because its usually quite an adventure but tonight we went out to the parade and they were so good we had no problems at all.  Let me tell you they laughed, caught some candy and just had a good time there was no fussing, fighting or meladrama of any kind and it felt so good because usually when we go out it doesn’t turn out too pleasant so i definitely have to brag on my kids because they were extra terriffic tonight.  I love my kids they are a blast to hang out with and when they do so good it makes them even so much more fun.  The community we live in is not very big but the people are so friendly and it’s so quiet and peaceful here.  Its a great place to raise a family for sure.  I never told you about my house did i?  Well, it’s a 1926 bungelow with a nice front yard with a huge front porch and the back yard is a half acre long, i get exhausted just walking up the hill haha!!!   This is our very first home since my husband was in the military most of the time since we have been married so that makes this holiday even more special for our family.   I can’t wait to get our tree up and get it decorated.  I have found some awesome channels on iheart radio that plays just christmas music and its fabulous.  I love this time of the year it always brightens my days and makes me feel cheery as do days like today.  I hope to have many more memories with my kids and my husband like this.  I am excited for our future.


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