Getting ready for the holidays…. im the last minute gal haha!!

Ok so yeah i am the person who is in the store on christmas eve cramming to get my christmas shopping done so sue me.  I have 4 active kids who i know not to bring with me shopping for well one dont want them to see what i am getting them and another taking them shopping is like a 3 ring circus and it doesn’t end too pretty.   Now don’t get me wrong I love my kids to death but over the past 10yrs i have learned going to the store with all of them is a recipe for DISASTER that’s right I said it.  When i take them shopping with me it ends up with them fussing, fighting, crying and me wanting a bottle of wine haha!!!  So i am rambling as usual but back to the point I have yet to even begin my christmas shopping but this weekend i am planning to finally get the house decorated.  We got an old country bungelow and its the cutest most coziest home and i am so excited to get a tree up and lights up and just see the kids faces that makes me happier than anything.  I love this time of the year because every year my family gets together we bake cookies and make candy while listening to christmas music and its absolutely fabulous.  I need to get my shopping started since my husband just got out of the military in february and had 4 deployments he never been able to stay home with the kids so his initiation is this weekend i am going to leave him with the kids all day long and leave my cell phone too should be interesting right!!!  I want him to see just what i have been through.  I don’t complain about him though he is a wonderful husband and father and does alot for me without me having to ask him  to do it and that makes me feel so good.  Anyway, can’t wait to get started with all the holiday goodies and fun with the kiddos.  In fact, tomorrow i am going to brave taking all 4 of them to the christmas parade wish me luck lol!!


4 thoughts on “Getting ready for the holidays…. im the last minute gal haha!!

  1. How did the parade watching go? Haha, girl i’m a procrastinator too but somehow i’ve accidentally finished shopping for this year. Your blog is super cute! If you havent already check out That’s another great place to meet new bloggie buds! I’m now following ya on Twitter too. I hope your having a great Saturday!

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