Welcome back to our insane life……….

Sorry i know it has been a while since my last post but i was at my parents house all last week for thanksgiving since my kids had the whole week off from school.  We had a good time it was nice to be able to sleep in and get a few minutes to myself while my parents and sister spent time with the kids.  I love my kids dearly i really do, don’t get me wrong but i love it when i go to my parents house and they take them off my hands while i am there.   I don’t usually get much time with the hubby since we are so far away from family and I am not too big on babysitters after what you hear on the news about all these nannies and sitters and all so when we go visit my family my husband and I usually get a date night and just time for ourselves.  Its funny being married 11 and a half years we still act like teenagers who are lovestruck we walk on the beach and even do the unimaginable on the beach too and at my age its nice.  Ok i am rambling again so back to the point thanksgiving was really nice had alot of good food and fun times with the family.  We had so much food and dessert i get full just thinking about it lol!!!  How did you spend your holiday?  Three more weeks til the kids get christmas break so that should be interesting.  Anyway, back to the present we are back to our insane life of getting up in the morning and the madness of getting the kids ready for school and this cold weather feels like below freezing temperatures.  We are going to begin decorating for christmas and with this being the first year in our new house i want to do it right with all new decorations and a new tree.  We always get a fake tree, i had a real tree a couple of years ago and i was cleaning the mess from that for weeks after so i am done with real trees.


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