Yep that’s right it’s friday finally and the weekend is upon us which means madness for our family.  On friday someone is always crying, fussing, fighting or some other kind of madness going on.  I had to get my kids up and ready for the bus this morning and my 6yr old son got mad because he wanted me to make him a lunch for school today and all i had was cheese for a cheese sandwich and let me say you would have thought it was the end of the world the way he was having his tantrum.  The one thing i want for my kids to learn in life and if it’s the only thing they learn is that they cannot have everything they want when they want and that they need to learn to try new things. My kids they are good kids but they have their moments when they don’t get their way they think the world is going to end.  One of these days i am going to throw a tantrum like they do and maybe that will put an end to the friday morning madness who knows ha-ha!!!  Of course i ask my husband to get up and help me and he is no help at all. I love him to death but he would rather be their buddy sometimes than their father and that makes things much harder for me.  Anyway, gonna take my little girl to play at the mall today just hoping it warms up a little bit this cold weather is for the birds.  I know some of you are used to it but this southern girl needs some warm air too.
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