Just Been one of Those Days

Well, it has been one of those days. I have a cold and not feeling good and my husband is not being as nice as he could be. My kids just got home from school and I am just sitting here trying to relax because in all honesty I am just exhausted and a bit aggravated. Whenever he is sick i try to take care of him but when it’s me i get nothing in return and I am not asking for anyone to do anything for me but it would be really nice for him to at least offer to help me instead of saying you need to do this, this and this. I feel like saying shove this, this and this up your bleep bleep bleep… What is it with men? I think they are afraid if the woman gets sick the whole household is going to fall apart. If i had a baseball bat at the moment i may make use of it but lucky for him I don’t. Anyway, it’s been pretty cold all day long and don’t get me wrong i love the cold weather but this is more cold than i bargained for ha-ha!!! Well, at least the kids are behaving for the moment so that helps me a little bit. I swear every time the weather changes i get sick it never fails. Now when we were living in Germany, it got alot colder than it does here and we never got sick who knows.. I do know this i am about to go take a nice hot bath and try to relax. Just had dinner, got the kids fed and bathed so now I can just relax for a while. I seem to be feeling better hopefully by tomorrow i will be myself once again.


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