Something funny my husband said to me…..

This weekend my kids have all been sick with colds and i have been coming down with one too and my husband says to me please don’t get sick when you get sick i go into panic mode and the whole house falls apart ha-ha!!!  I am sorry I had to laugh my butt off when he said that because i can see it now with 4 kids sick and me sick and him running around figuring out what to do, what medicine to give to whom, all the laundry stacked up all the dishes stacked up and him pulling all the little hair he has left out of his head.  Seriously would this world come to a stand still if a man had to take care of the family for one or two days I am beginning to think so.  How do we manage to do it?  We do it one step at a time but my husband and alot of husbands i know of think they can multi task and that our jobs are so easy.  Yeah right!!!  I want to see them multi task 4 sick kids, a sick wife, cleaning the house, do the laundry and so on that would be freaking hilarious.  My husband is a really good man he tries so hard but he freaks out when i go to the store and leave hiim with the kids for 10 minutes so I can only imagine what he would do if we were to all get sick.  Lord knows when he gets sick he is the biggest baby in the world.  I don’t do so well when i am sick i get whiny and really annoying lol!!! 


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