monday madness…

Well, good morning and once again it’s monday morning which means we made it through yet another weekend.  Its monday madness once again in our household which means rushing around to get the kids up, dressed and ready for school.  We had a pretty busy weekend, we had to drive 300 miles down to the coast and back in 24 hours so this morning i am more tired than usual but  hopefully once the kids get on the bus I can go lay back down for a little while. Anyway, my kids are all tired and cranky this morning which should make for an interesting day.  The drive down and back that is always interesting because of all the fussing and fighting.  I swear i turned on the christmas music and that seemed to calm them all down.  So here are my talking points for the morning and i shall work my way down.

  1. Get the kids up
  2. get the kids dressed and ready for schoo
  3. put the kids on the bus
  4. take a small nap
  5. make some breakfast
  6. clean the house
  7. get the laundry done
  8. clean out the car from the trip
  9. relax before the kids get home
  10. make dinner
  11. get the kids fed and bathed
  12. bedtime.
So that is my list for the day sometimes it’s longer and sometimes its shorter. They are up and dressed now just waiting for the bus  to get here and here lately she seems to come later and later which is getting rediculous.  This week is the kids last full week of school before thanksgiving, next week they are out the whole week.  When i was in school we never got out the whole week for thanksgiving so that must be nice.  Seems like these days they get more time off than we ever did.  Also, i am going to look up some dinner ideas on pinterest this morning.  I absolutely love pinterest there is so many good ideas its kind of addictive.  

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