A Momma’s Love

A momma’s love is never ending.  You have your first child you never just realize how much you can grow to love that child yet you love it more than anything in the world and then you go to have a second child and you worry that you won’t have enough love for the second child and when the child arrives you love him or her just as much or more than you love your first.  It’s weird to think how a momma can have so much love and it’s never  ending.  You love your child from the moment you find out you are going to have them til the day you die and beyond.  Being a momma is filled with unconditional love and joy.  You love your children, you watch them grow and develop and become their own people and that is the best feeling in the world.  when my children were born I never knew that i could love someone as much as i love them and with the birth of each child that love grew more and more by the day and now I just can’t imagine my life without them.  I cherish each day i get to spend with my kids and try to enjoy them while i am little because in the words of a very wise person “one day you will turn around and they will be all grown up”, and it’s so true.  My kids are truly blessings from god and i thank him each and every day for them.  A momma’s love can stretch as far as you and me can see and it grows.  You have alot of love to give in fact alot more than you ever thought possible.

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