Mommy time…. Take it when you can get it

Well, I am starting friday’s post probably before friday.  The kids are asleep and the tv is off, it’s cold outside but its roasty toasty warm in the house which is what i like.  My husband is still out of town with my oldest son so its me and the other 3 kids here and when he’s not here they like to camp out in my room except for the youngest she likes her own space.  So i am sitting here watching my favorite show on hulu right now the chew.  And let me say who doesn’t like the chew right and listening to my kids snore but let me say i finally get some me time.  I think all moms deserve a few minutes to themselves at night.  We love our kids to death but its nice to be able to sit down and unwind and just enjoy some peace and quiet. Don’t get much time to myself when the husband is home or the kids are awake because someone is always fighting, fussing, sick or something else.  My 6yr old son is getting over a cold and has an ear ache tonight so he has been quite fussy.  Anyway, for all the mommy’s out there  when you get a chance to have a moment for yourself take it and take advantage of it because if you are like me that chance doesn’t come along very often.  Good night !!!


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