Message brought to you by Me , Yes I approved this message

So really I mean when you start blogging how much do you really learn about people until you start following there blogs.  I have started following a ton of blogs and I am learning alot about people i don’t know and have never even met but after reading their blogs i feel like i have known them forever.  My blog is not just the story of my life as a mom and wife but also my personal thoughts and opinions.  After the election this past week on facebook or even just being out and about alot of people would say a whole lot of crap but then they would say well keep your opinions off my page and if you say anything i will delete you and so on.  Well, with me being the straight shooting non sugar coating woman i am I tend to go on and tell them my opinion anyway that is just who i am.  If you have an opinion go ahead and say it no one said i have to agree with you or you have to agree with me so who cares.  But the one thing that pisses me off with people  is having someone tell me i can’t say how i feel but yet you want to shove your opinions down my throat no i don’t think so.  I do say though i really do love reading people’s blogs and learning more about who they are that is pretty fun and i hope people enjoy reading mine even though mine is still a work in progress.  It’s not where i want it to be but i am getting there slowly.  


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