Its wednesday….happy humpday

Ok well, I really don’t know how to start this morning post as I am still quite aggravated about how the election went last night.  So, with that being said i am going to get to my talking points of the morning and then go from there so here it goes.

  1. Got the husband and son up and ready for their roadtrip
  2. Got the other two kids up and dressed for school.
  3. waiting for the bus to come
  4. Get rachael up and dressed
  5. Go to the grocery store
  6. Clean the house
  7. Get laundry done
  8. Check my facebook
  9. Take a nice hot bath
  10. Relax til the kids get home from school
  11. Moan and bitch about yesterdays election
  12. Feed kids dinner and get them bathed and ready for bed
  13. Watch a movie and drink a glass of wine
So my husband and son left this morning to head to the coast.  My husband has an appointment with the VA and they never seem to get we don’t live down there anymore that we want to get it moved to memphis but gotta love government beauracracy crap.  My youngest son seems to be feeling today so I am sending him back to school this morning.  So angry about how the election went yesterday, now with obama back in office our country is going to heck, our economy is going to heck and he’s going to hurt our military which effects me since my husband is army reserve.  Ok so anyway back to the point been a busy morning and i have been up since 4, I definitely plan to go back to bed after the kids get off to school until my youngest wakes up then i will attempt to start my day.  At least with the hubby gone for the next 3 days i get a little bit of peace and quiet or lets hope so anyway ha-ha!!!  On abrighter note, it’s wednesday and the week is half over and i for one will be glad when this week is over

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