Tuesday Talks…

Ok so it’s tuesday and we officially made it through monday woo hoo!!!  I am going to start with my talking points of today and work myself down so here we go.

  1. Got up early this morning, got the kids up and dressed and off to school.
  2. One of my kids were sick with a cold and a fever so he stayed home with me today.
  3. Got my husband dressed and ready for his day not an easy task but made it happened.
  4. Fed me and my son and daughter
  5. Went to vote
  6. Cleaning the house which is a work in progress
  7. Trying to get laundry finished

Ok as you can see I did manage to get the majority of this stuff so a big woo hoo for me that doesn’t happen too often especially when one of my kids are home.  I do try to stay on top of my house though because when I get behind it takes forever and another presidential election to get caught up and I really really hate that.  My husband has an appointment with the VA on the coast thursday so he will be going out of town for 3 days which is nice in a way but that is when the kids decide they want to go bonkers.  I think while he is gone I will watch some chick flicks and get some take-out mainly cause its just too cold and I am not in the cooking mood when he’s gone.  Went to vote this morning and the lines were so long but that is a good thing at least people are exercising their right to vote which makes me happy because my husband is a vet and my grandpa was a vet and them and others fought to give us the right to vote and that is our civic duty as citizens. 


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