Getting the house organized

As I sit here trying to come up with a title for this post I look around at all the clutter in my house thinking to myself I just have got to get this house organized one way or another.  I mean seriously there are toys, shoes, books, dvds, etc lying around all over the place with no particular place to put them.  I keep trying to get to walmart to get some of the rubbermaid boxes and shelves but never have the time and trying to take 4 kids into walmart is like a 3-ring circus.  My folks are going to keep the kids during their christmas break from school so I think while they are gone i am going to find a place to put everything and really declutter this house because we just have way too much stuff and if it lies around it’s only going to get destroyed somehow.  I have found a few blogs that give some good tips so ‘i am going to put them to good use.  I am also making good use of and there are alot of good websites for example:  that has good tips and also has printables to help you get organized  also has great tips and printables too how to organize your office, homemaking 101 and alot of great things 
So i have found a bunch of great resources to get my home organized or if you want to get your home organized.  I think during christmas time I am going to pull this house apart and really make it look good and neat and organized so when someone comes over i am not tearing through everything just to find one or two things.  


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