Election day… Every Vote Counts

Ok i usually don’t do the political thing but today is election day all over the country.  People will be heading to the polls to elect local and national officials to run our  country for the next 4 years.  Being able to vote to me is pretty special since i have had a couple of people who are very near and dear to me serve our country and fight for our freedoms to even be able to vote so if you are registered to vote i urge you all to get out and exercise your right to do so.  So many men and women have died to give us this right. I am planning to vote for mitt romney because i feel like he is the right candidate to lead our country to a better place the next for years.  Obama to me is not the right candidate, he is trying to shrink our military and take away all of their benefits and everything they deserve and have fought for.  Our military deserves the best this country can offer and that will not happen with obama in office for the next four years.  Now that is just my opinion, I am very open to all opinions but every vote does count.  I think it’s awesome that we live in a country where we are free to vote, free to voice our opinions where there are  countries around the world where women can’t vote and people don’t have the freedoms we do in the united states.  The point of all of this is make your  vote count.  Because in my opinion if you don’t exercise your right to vote you have no right to gripe and complain about our government.  


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