Monday Madness…

Well, it’s monday as you can probably already tell.  Mondays in my house hold is fast paced and quite referred to as monday madness because i am up at 6 am to get the kids dressed and ready for the bus which is no small chore.  I wake the kids up which is a job in itself because they refuse to get up and when they do get up they are quite whiny and then once they are up it takes them forever and a year to find the clothes i put out for them the night before and decide to fuss and fight while getting dressed.  Lets say this much by the time the bus arrives i am worn out and usually thats before 7 a.m.   Once they are off to school i get the husband up and out the door to start his day which is no easy task and then once he is gone i sit for a hour and watch my morning shows, eat breakfast and then get my day started.  I realize to most people this all seems dull and boring but this is our typical monday in our house.  Today is also my youngest daughter’s birthday, she is 5 yrs old today which is hard to believe it feels like she was just born yesterday.  They are all growing up way too fast but i have so much fun  hanging out with them and watching them grow and develop.  Ok back to the original subject here i tend to get off subject from time to time but thanksgiving is coming up really fast and the family are all coming to our house this year so i am trying to look up some recipes for our annual thanksgiving dinner.  I am pretty excited about it since this is our first holiday in our first house.  


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