Its a mad mad house tonight………

There is never a dull moment in the tucker household.  With 4 kids, a goofy husband and a dog you always have to anticipate the unexpected and well tonight there was quite a bit of the unexpected when my husband was watching a movie in the living room and out of no where both of our boys came out started wrestling with him in the living room floor.  And when i say wrestle they pretty much just attacked him from the back, there was one boy on his back and one boy in front of him and they had him pinned down i love it thoroughly.  It was pretty much wrestle mania on my living room for like an hour and they were laughing and playing and just having a good time.  I always say family time is very important and i want to instill that into all of my kids.   But eventually, the kids wore themselves out and are down for the night because they have to get up early in the morning for school but we had a pretty good day and we also had rachael’s birthday party this afternoon.  Her birthday is tomorrow and she will be 5 but since the kids will be in school and he will be out doing whatever it is he does during the day i thought today would be a better time to have her cake and presents which she loved by the way.  I will be posting her cake next.  So its been a pretty good day to say even though it started out with us all being pretty grumpy we got through it in the end.  


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