A Cold Evening at my house……

Well, its a cold cold tuesday evening here at my house.  It’s been in the mid 40’s all day long and that is just too cold for me but give me a few months and i will eat my words haha!!!  Anyway, my husband come home from work earlier in a really foul mood and he almost got smacked tonight because i just don’t put up with that crap and he knows that.  It’s like once a month he gets male pms and i have to put him back in his place but it’s all good now.  I can’t believe christmas is only 2 weeks away this year has just flown by and i am still not ready but never fear it will all get done.  Tomorrow is my youngest son’s birthday he will be 7.  Its hard to believe 7yrs ago tomorrow he came into the world and he is so sweet and cute and just grows more and more everyday.  I am so blessed to have 4 such beautiful babies.  Gotta get started with the christmas baking and decorating this week.  I keep putting it off due to unfortunate circumstances but i will get it done.  i am in the christmas spirit i just love this time of the year.  


Christmas Parade

Well, when we last met i mentioned that today i was taking my 4 kids to the christmas parade and was kind of dreading it because its usually quite an adventure but tonight we went out to the parade and they were so good we had no problems at all.  Let me tell you they laughed, caught some candy and just had a good time there was no fussing, fighting or meladrama of any kind and it felt so good because usually when we go out it doesn’t turn out too pleasant so i definitely have to brag on my kids because they were extra terriffic tonight.  I love my kids they are a blast to hang out with and when they do so good it makes them even so much more fun.  The community we live in is not very big but the people are so friendly and it’s so quiet and peaceful here.  Its a great place to raise a family for sure.  I never told you about my house did i?  Well, it’s a 1926 bungelow with a nice front yard with a huge front porch and the back yard is a half acre long, i get exhausted just walking up the hill haha!!!   This is our very first home since my husband was in the military most of the time since we have been married so that makes this holiday even more special for our family.   I can’t wait to get our tree up and get it decorated.  I have found some awesome channels on iheart radio that plays just christmas music and its fabulous.  I love this time of the year it always brightens my days and makes me feel cheery as do days like today.  I hope to have many more memories with my kids and my husband like this.  I am excited for our future.

Getting ready for the holidays…. im the last minute gal haha!!

Ok so yeah i am the person who is in the store on christmas eve cramming to get my christmas shopping done so sue me.  I have 4 active kids who i know not to bring with me shopping for well one dont want them to see what i am getting them and another taking them shopping is like a 3 ring circus and it doesn’t end too pretty.   Now don’t get me wrong I love my kids to death but over the past 10yrs i have learned going to the store with all of them is a recipe for DISASTER that’s right I said it.  When i take them shopping with me it ends up with them fussing, fighting, crying and me wanting a bottle of wine haha!!!  So i am rambling as usual but back to the point I have yet to even begin my christmas shopping but this weekend i am planning to finally get the house decorated.  We got an old country bungelow and its the cutest most coziest home and i am so excited to get a tree up and lights up and just see the kids faces that makes me happier than anything.  I love this time of the year because every year my family gets together we bake cookies and make candy while listening to christmas music and its absolutely fabulous.  I need to get my shopping started since my husband just got out of the military in february and had 4 deployments he never been able to stay home with the kids so his initiation is this weekend i am going to leave him with the kids all day long and leave my cell phone too should be interesting right!!!  I want him to see just what i have been through.  I don’t complain about him though he is a wonderful husband and father and does alot for me without me having to ask him  to do it and that makes me feel so good.  Anyway, can’t wait to get started with all the holiday goodies and fun with the kiddos.  In fact, tomorrow i am going to brave taking all 4 of them to the christmas parade wish me luck lol!!

Welcome back to our insane life……….

Sorry i know it has been a while since my last post but i was at my parents house all last week for thanksgiving since my kids had the whole week off from school.  We had a good time it was nice to be able to sleep in and get a few minutes to myself while my parents and sister spent time with the kids.  I love my kids dearly i really do, don’t get me wrong but i love it when i go to my parents house and they take them off my hands while i am there.   I don’t usually get much time with the hubby since we are so far away from family and I am not too big on babysitters after what you hear on the news about all these nannies and sitters and all so when we go visit my family my husband and I usually get a date night and just time for ourselves.  Its funny being married 11 and a half years we still act like teenagers who are lovestruck we walk on the beach and even do the unimaginable on the beach too and at my age its nice.  Ok i am rambling again so back to the point thanksgiving was really nice had alot of good food and fun times with the family.  We had so much food and dessert i get full just thinking about it lol!!!  How did you spend your holiday?  Three more weeks til the kids get christmas break so that should be interesting.  Anyway, back to the present we are back to our insane life of getting up in the morning and the madness of getting the kids ready for school and this cold weather feels like below freezing temperatures.  We are going to begin decorating for christmas and with this being the first year in our new house i want to do it right with all new decorations and a new tree.  We always get a fake tree, i had a real tree a couple of years ago and i was cleaning the mess from that for weeks after so i am done with real trees.



Yep that’s right it’s friday finally and the weekend is upon us which means madness for our family.  On friday someone is always crying, fussing, fighting or some other kind of madness going on.  I had to get my kids up and ready for the bus this morning and my 6yr old son got mad because he wanted me to make him a lunch for school today and all i had was cheese for a cheese sandwich and let me say you would have thought it was the end of the world the way he was having his tantrum.  The one thing i want for my kids to learn in life and if it’s the only thing they learn is that they cannot have everything they want when they want and that they need to learn to try new things. My kids they are good kids but they have their moments when they don’t get their way they think the world is going to end.  One of these days i am going to throw a tantrum like they do and maybe that will put an end to the friday morning madness who knows ha-ha!!!  Of course i ask my husband to get up and help me and he is no help at all. I love him to death but he would rather be their buddy sometimes than their father and that makes things much harder for me.  Anyway, gonna take my little girl to play at the mall today just hoping it warms up a little bit this cold weather is for the birds.  I know some of you are used to it but this southern girl needs some warm air too.

Book and Movie Reviews

Ok there are so many books and movies out there to read and watch and i have seen alot but there alot i haven’t seen and i know personally i like to see what people have to say about a movie or a book before i watch or read it.  So this is your assignments my dear followers.  I need you to give me some good reccomendations on movies or books that you have read or watched lately and let me know and I am going to start reviewing them on my blog so that others out there would like to see or read and then we can discuss it.

Why am I supposed to be Supermom?

Ok I love my husband to death but you would think when i am sick the whole world is going to cave in. I have had a pretty bad head cold the past few days and just haven’t felt good or had the energy to do anything and he keeps telling me here you need to do this and this and this. Ok stop right there, I need to stop and take care of myself too right!!! Well according to him i am supposed to be this 34yr old wonder woman who can cook, clean, take care of the kids, him and the house and then when there is little time left take care of myself. Yeah right babe!!! What is it with men thinking we are supposed to be supermoms? Why can’t they realize that when we get sick we can’t just do it all. I love my kids, husband and my home but when i just don’t feel good i just don’t feel good and when i get a cold i have a couple of days where i just have no energy at all and drag and he just can’t seem to understand that. He tried that with me last night and oh i got up and did stuff around the house all the while in my own little way I let him know how i truly felt and he knew i was not happy at all. So after he got back from running he kept trying so many times to apologize and say this and that. I finally told him honey i am just a mom and a wife but i am a human too and i get sick and i don’t ask for you to take care of me but i got to be able to take care of myself so I can take care of everyone else or i am not going to be good for anyone. Men can be so stubborn its rediculous especially when they are left to take care of things around the house. My husband used to be in the army i was taking care of everything for years at a time when he was deployed but i don’t run on rocketfuel. It is ok to slow down every once in a while. You don’t have to be a supermom all the time just love your kids and take care of them but most importantly take care of yourself so you can take care of them.

Hump Day

Well, good morning and happy hump day also known as wednesday. It’s the middle of the week and we are halfway to the weekend which is also the busiest travel weekend of the year being we are headed into thanksgiving a week from tomorrow. We will be traveling home for thanksgiving this year. We were supposed to be having it here at our house but our plans changed so we will be going to my folks for thanksgiving which is good in a way because I wont have a huge mess to clean up afterwards. Well, what are your plans for thanksgiving? Thanksgiving to me is more than just a day to eat turkey, good food and spend time with family. Thanksgiving is one day out of the year we can give thanks for what we have. I think we should give thanks all year long and not just one day of the year personally. Its important to show thanks for what you have and be grateful. Anyway, its cold today and i really dont want to get up and do anything but unfortunately i have to get up and finish my laundry which isn’t really too bad. I got the kids up and off to school and now i need to get my husband up and moving too.
Well, ate breakfast and now I need to get up and get my started, was hoping to have the husband out of the house by now but so far that seems to be much of a lost cause. Anyway, need to start printing out more coupons for groceries this week, they really do save alot.

Just Been one of Those Days

Well, it has been one of those days. I have a cold and not feeling good and my husband is not being as nice as he could be. My kids just got home from school and I am just sitting here trying to relax because in all honesty I am just exhausted and a bit aggravated. Whenever he is sick i try to take care of him but when it’s me i get nothing in return and I am not asking for anyone to do anything for me but it would be really nice for him to at least offer to help me instead of saying you need to do this, this and this. I feel like saying shove this, this and this up your bleep bleep bleep… What is it with men? I think they are afraid if the woman gets sick the whole household is going to fall apart. If i had a baseball bat at the moment i may make use of it but lucky for him I don’t. Anyway, it’s been pretty cold all day long and don’t get me wrong i love the cold weather but this is more cold than i bargained for ha-ha!!! Well, at least the kids are behaving for the moment so that helps me a little bit. I swear every time the weather changes i get sick it never fails. Now when we were living in Germany, it got alot colder than it does here and we never got sick who knows.. I do know this i am about to go take a nice hot bath and try to relax. Just had dinner, got the kids fed and bathed so now I can just relax for a while. I seem to be feeling better hopefully by tomorrow i will be myself once again.

Something funny my husband said to me…..

This weekend my kids have all been sick with colds and i have been coming down with one too and my husband says to me please don’t get sick when you get sick i go into panic mode and the whole house falls apart ha-ha!!!  I am sorry I had to laugh my butt off when he said that because i can see it now with 4 kids sick and me sick and him running around figuring out what to do, what medicine to give to whom, all the laundry stacked up all the dishes stacked up and him pulling all the little hair he has left out of his head.  Seriously would this world come to a stand still if a man had to take care of the family for one or two days I am beginning to think so.  How do we manage to do it?  We do it one step at a time but my husband and alot of husbands i know of think they can multi task and that our jobs are so easy.  Yeah right!!!  I want to see them multi task 4 sick kids, a sick wife, cleaning the house, do the laundry and so on that would be freaking hilarious.  My husband is a really good man he tries so hard but he freaks out when i go to the store and leave hiim with the kids for 10 minutes so I can only imagine what he would do if we were to all get sick.  Lord knows when he gets sick he is the biggest baby in the world.  I don’t do so well when i am sick i get whiny and really annoying lol!!!